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Mint Labs technology offers a wide spectrum of solutions targeted to understand the brain; human or animal.

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Mint Labs collaborates with professionals from all over the world, sharing our vision and building partnerships.


Mara Dierssen, MD, PhD Systems Biology Program at a large center for genomics investigations

My lab has been working with Mint Labs primarily for developing a new treatment for Down syndrome using MRI at pre-clinical validation with mice models. Their platform is necessary to accelerate the discoveries in the field and will have a very large impact. The platform that they provide is a great tool for data management and processing. It is very flexible and efficient, providing quick answers to our research questions. We feel very comfortable and satisfied to work with the team, given their scientific approach that turns their product as a partner, rather than just a tool.

Pablo Villoslada

Pablo Villoslada Diaz, MD, PhD Senior Researcher IDIBAPS; Founder & Scientific Advisor Bionure; Adjunct Professor UCSF

Mint-labs solutions fill a significant unmet need for all researchers and clinicians working with imaging. In imaging studies from patients with Multiple Sclerosis, their solution for obtaining the brain connectome, quantifying brain damage and related it with clinical scores is outstanding, and it is going to solve many clinically relevant questions. In addition, I envision Mint-Labs solutions are going to be extremely useful in clinical practice and for conducting clinical trials developing new drugs for MS


Sarah J. Nelson, PhD Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging with secondary appointment in the Department of Neurology; Margaret Hart Surbeck Distinguished Professor of Advanced Imaging; Director of the Surbeck Laboratory; Director of the Brain Research Interest Group at the University of California, San Francisco

Their unique solution in combination with the need that they are addressing in the Neuroimaging community will create a much needed standard system for the emerging era of Neuroimaging and even more broadly radio-genomics. I’ve worked with Mint Labs’ team over the last year. They are an excellent team of  talented, efficient and helpful individuals who’ve been proactively helping us with the data management and analysis of some of our projects.

angels garcia cazorla

Angels García-Cazorla, MD, PhD Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

This technology changes dramatically the way we understand these diseases, and help us determine which parts of the brain are not working properly. We are using these quantification tools to detect easier which brain regions are damaged and help us find better and personalized treatments for our patients.


Jordan Amadio, M.D., M.B.A. Neurosurgery Resident Physician and Partner at NeuroLaunch

As a neurosurgeon, I see an enormous value in using the Mint Labs platform for next-generation research and surgical planning, particularly with respect to 3D imaging of white matter tracts. Their sophisticated cloud-based solution is as easy to use as your typical consumer web app. I had the pleasure of working directly with the Mint Labs team through the NeuroLaunch accelerator program, and I can vouch for their incredible talent in becoming the leading solution for neuroimaging online.


Prasanna Parvathaneni, MSc Junior Specialist in UCSF

Mint-labs is tremendously helpful as a collaborative tool for both researchers and clinicians providing a rich user-friendly GUI platform that aids in automating the image processing tasks in addition to supporting excellent Visualization tools and batch run analysis. Its potential as a highly emerging image processing platform will be very valuable to the neuroscience community for the on-going research studies


Carles Soriano-Mas, PhD Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute-IDIBELL Psychiatry Service, Bellvitge University Hospital

Mint labs’ team develops outstanding state-of-the-art image processing tools in order to have a deeper understanding of psychiatric diseases. With their tools I can easily manage large series of images, run analyses and dig deeper into the brain wiring and functional features of psychiatric patients.

Our team

Mint Labs’ team is made of experts in medical image analysis, scientific visualization and software on a mission to unlock the potential of neuroimaging with a scalable data technology platform.

I am a software engineer and a PhD in neuroimaging analysis. I’m working in creating value by bringing these two together and make a true impact in healthcare.

Paulo Rodrigues

CEO, Co-founder

My goal is to develop novel technical tools in brain imaging and provide new biomarkers to help the diagnosis of neurological diseases.

Vesna Prchkovska

CSO, Co-founder

I use my background in business to make sure that we are delivering a great product into the hands of those who will benefit from it most.

Landon McKenna

COO/CFO, Sales Director

Technology entrepreneur, expert from IBM and MBA graduate from ESADE Business School.

Takayuki Sato

Head of Engineering

PhD in Neuroimaging. I oversee and support the scientific development and neuroimage processing pipelines.

David Moreno-Dominguez

Head of Neuroimaging

Creating advanced image processing pipelines and algorithms for neuroimaging analysis.

Marc Ramos

Scientific Developer

Taking care of data organization, processing infrastructure, system scalability and most of the aspects related to the processing platform

Nikola Lazovski

Big Data Engineer

Building image processing software in a scalable and secure way for a better user experience

Santiago Puch Giner

Full-stack Developer

Latest news

image01 Mint Labs featured on La Vanguardia December 21, 2016 by Alara Alkin - BARCELONA – December 20, 2016. Anna Cabanillas interviewed our executive team to find out more about one of the most innovative companies of Barcelona. Our CEO and CSO explained how they came up with the idea of a software to help doctors better understand diseases of the central nervous system such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.   Mrs. Cabanillas emphasized that Mint Labs is the first cloud software that processes brain images in 3D. The platform can also determine the extent of damaged area in the brain in addition to supporting reliable and fast diagnostics. Right now, the company is in Seed round, raising €3 million for an aggressive international expansion. The company aims to have €3 million in income by the end of 2017. Read more here (in Catalan & Spanish)Read more...
ODINE_Logo_RGB Mint Labs Selected for the ODINE program December 21, 2016 by Alara Alkin - BARCELONA – December 21, 2016. As part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme, every year the Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) selects a number of open data entrepreneurs across Europe to support sustainable digital businesses and the development of their products with its €7.8 million fund.  Mint Labs is very proud to announce that it was selected to the 8th call of this prestigious 6-month incubation programme with its automated open data neuroimaging workflow platform aiming to accelerate R&D for understanding neurological diseases and developing new therapies. Find this year’s winner group of SMEs here. For more information about ODINE, click here.Read more...
IMG_3207-Edit CASEIB 2016: Laura Palacio won the best thesis in Spain December 14, 2016 by Takayuki Sato - Laura Palacio, a former Data Science Intern, gave a talk at CASEIB, an annual congress of the Spanish society for Biomedical Engineering, and won the first prize as the best Bachelor thesis in Spain this year. Her research at Mint Labs was on “Characterizing functional connectivity during rest in multiple sclerosis patients versus healthy volunteers using independent component analysis”. She compared the functional connectivity of the brain between Multiple Sclerosis patients and healthy controls using FSL, a packaged tool for Neuroimaging analysis. She also developed a web interface to browse the statistical calculation of ICA (Independent Component Analysis). Mint Labs hosts a number of interns from top universities in specialties such as Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Marketing among other fields. We supervise the young talents and contribute to the scientific communities through joint-publication of papers. All interns achieved high grades for their degree thesis or research projects in their schools. They received 9.3 out of 10 points on average.   Link: Laura Palace won the first prize at the Annual Congress of the Spanish Society for Biomedical Engineering (Spanish) Link: CASEIB 2016 student competitionRead more...




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