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Mint Labs technology offers a wide spectrum of solutions targeted to understand the brain; human or animal.



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Mint Labs collaborates with professionals from all over the world, sharing our vision and building partnerships.

Our team

Mint Labs’ team is made of experts in medical image analysis, scientific visualization and software on a mission to unlock the potential of neuroimaging with a scalable data technology platform.

I am a software engineer and a PhD in neuroimaging analysis. I’m working in creating value by bringing these two together and make a true impact in healthcare.

Paulo Rodrigues, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

I use my know-how in image processing and medical visualization as well as my expertise in Neuroscience to lead the scientific research and development team in Mint Labs.

Vesna Prchkovska, PhD

CSO, Co-founder

I use my background in business to make sure that we are delivering a great product into the hands of those who will benefit from it most.

Landon McKenna


I oversee and support the scientific development and research new avenues to make the Mint Labs platform a valuable asset for our clients.

David Moreno-Dominguez, PhD

Neuroimaging engineer

Creating advanced image processing pipelines and algorithms for neuroimaging analysis.

Marc Ramos, Ing

Neuroimaging engineer

Taking care of data organization, processing infrastructure, system scalability and most of the aspects related to the processing platform

Nikola Lazovski, PDEng

Software engineer

I apply my knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods to develop novel neuroimaging analysis tools

Santiago Puch Giner

Software engineer

Combining my Chemical and Biological Engineering background with the skills I acquired over MSc in International Management to develop the market of Mint Labs and find potential customers and partners for new growth opportunities

Alara Alkin, MSc

Business developer

Latest news

Mint Labs is exhibiting at OHBM 2017 June 15, 2017 by Takayuki Sato - Mint Labs will be exhibiting at the 2017 annual meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping. We will be at booth 34. (See the floor plan) We will also present 3 conference posters. BrainVis: » A cloud-connected 3D exploration and visualization tool for multi-modal neuroimaging data (Abstract, Poster) Wired Minds: » The neural underpinning of the entrepreneurial brain (Abstract, Poster) Neuroimaging workflow…
New release: SDK environment for Neuroimaging analysis February 24, 2017 by Takayuki Sato - Neuroimaging analysis requires a number of software, including Open-Source and Licensed tools such as: Neurodebian, FreeSurfer, ANTS, MRtrix and many more. Scientists must download and install the software and make sure it is working, which are non-core research activities. Additionally, the large storage is necessary as biomedical images can reach terabytes for each project however local computers cannot store that amount.…
Meet Mint Labs at Brainhack Global 2017 February 7, 2017 by Takayuki Sato - Mint Labs’ CEO/CTO Dr. Paulo Rodrigues and CSO Dr. Vesna Prchkovska were invited to deliver keynote speeches at Brainhack Global 2017’s Spain event. Branhack is a global initiative to bring researchers together on innovative projects in neuroscience. A 3-day workshop will be held with tutorials, hackathons and networking events as part of the Spain event. Paulo and Vesna will give speeches…




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