Mint Labs at El Mundo newspaper

Last Sunday’s edition of the El Mundo (one of Spain’s newspapers of record, the 2nd largest) included Mint Labs in their Innovation supplement. The article covers the fast growing story of the company over the past months, including innovative work towards an effective evaluation of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease. It also includes a great picture of the team in Barcelona’s office. Read more →

Mint Labs launches crowdfunding for equity campaign

Neuroimaging cloud innovator Mint Labs announces an equity crowdfunding round with Capital Cell – to accelerate product development and growth, towards transforming the development of new therapies for neurological disorders.   Mint Labs, the multi-award winning neuroimaging data analytics platform, announces today the launch of a €150,000 investment crowdfunding campaign to accelerate its vision of building “the Google MapsTM for the… Read more →

NeuroLaunch Demo Day #2

NeuroLaunch is the leading accelerator program for neuroscience startup companies. Last 24th of August  was the 2nd NeuroLaunch Demo day, in Atlanta, US. It included pitches of the great 2nd batch new companies in the program, as well as the 1st batch startups. Mint Labs couldn’t miss the chance to pitch as well, although remotely. See it here, starting at… Read more →

Big Data in Neuroimaging

Wearables, Big Data, virtual reality, 3D printing … are many emerging technologies that are being taken into the health sector by the hands of daring entrepreneurs and innovative startups. The news ‘Technological entrepreneurship for medical innovation’ in the Think Big site (Telefonica) features Mint Labs, and our work data analytics platform integrating MRI, wearables and other relevant data: With its tool, Mint Labs… Read more →

cat.economica – Mint Labs, the ‘Google Maps’ of the brain

Mint Labs is featured in the Catalan economic news site cat.economica It starts with a great moment in neuroscience: In 1988 a curious affair was published in Physicians Weekly, a British journal of psychiatry. It was the case of a man who five years earlier had attempted suicide because he felt very unhinged by the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) suffering, a… Read more →

The Mysteries of the Brain, in the cloud and in 3D

A leading economic newspaper recently wrote about Mint Labs and our expansion into the US market. See the original article in Catalan here. The following text is a rough translation: The mysteries of the brain, cloud and 3D The ‘start-up’ MintLabs developed a platform that allows researchers to see the neural connections that already has customers in the US. Google… Read more →

14 Spanish Medical Startups to keep an eye

Tech giants are no strangers to the e-health boom and are getting deep in the business. The venture capital firm of Google, Google Ventures about a year ago, invested a whopping $ 130 million in Flatiron Health, a startup that brings the big data and analytics in real time the cancer information. In addition, the company of the big G… Read more →

fiware fiche

Sucessfully passed to 2nd phase FICHe grant for novel work on Quantification and Analytics for Parkinson’s disease

Mint Labs’ team is happy to announce that as result of the first phase of Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe) we have been selected as one of the top 40 proposals to enter Phase 2 of the FICHe accelerator program and to receive the Phase 2 Grant. Phase 2 will start on 7th of April 2015 and will be focused on building a Proof… Read more →

B-DEBATE cosmocaixa

B-Debate workshop “Connecting the growing brain”, Barcelona

Mint Labs will be part of the Brain networks and circuitries section, together with illustrious researchers from University of Barcelona and University of New York. Paulo will be talking about ‘Connectomics in neuropaediatric disorders‘, and how neuroimaging is used to quantify changes and differences in the brain structures and circuits of paediatric brain diseases. Vesna will be co-chairman of the, surely very interesting, open… Read more →