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Mint Labs’ platform allows you to get more detailed insight in ever-growing neuroimaging data sets. Our cloud-based data management platform makes it easier to leverage, share, and integrate neuroimaging data with other clinical information.

We are committed to accelerate your clinical trials. To meet the specific needs and requirements of each project, Mint Labs offers partnerships to help manage your data.

With Mint Labs, you can quickly scale to the cloud and increase the capacity to manage your current and future brain mapping processes and workflows for pre-clinical and clinical-trials. Animal data analysis for pre-clinical trials is supported as well.

By storing patient data over a long period, you can effectively observe the changes over periods of time, which gives you the ability to choose the most appropriate patients for your clinical trial.

Computational scientists, clinical researchers, along with physicians, can mine the brain imaging data sets and share results securely.

Biopharmaceutical Companies & CROs
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