Brain Tumor

More than 700.000 people in the US suffer from various forms of brain tumor, mostly meningiomas and giomas with 36.4% and 27%, respectively. Every year, more than 75.000 people are newly diagnosed with primary brain tumors. More than 45.000 of them are in Europe, with around 4500 of them under 18 years old. Even though there are more than 120 types of tumors and their prevalence rises everyday, there has only been 4 FDA approved drugs and one medical device for the treatment of all types in the past 30 years. On top of that, surgery and radiation still remain as the standard treatment, there is no drug specifically developed for children with brain tumors, and there has not been much improvement in the survival rates. Thus, the treatment of brain tumors is in need of new developments and support systems.

What we offer is analysing diffusion MRI (dMRI) with tractography tools for generating three dimentional reconstruction of brain structural connectivity with directional fiber color-coding. These fibers can then be visualized using BrainVis for accurate assessment of the risk involved in the surgical procedure, for the selection of patients, and for guidance throughout the surgical procedure; and all of this can be done through the cloud.

Currently, we are in collaboration with one of the world’s leading centers in neurosurgery and neuro-oncology.  We are in the late stages of the development of a pre-surgical planning system for clinical use to accelerate the rigorous planning process, help minimize the risks of neurosurgery, and maximize its efficacy.

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