Mint Labs is exhibiting at OHBM 2017

Mint Labs will be exhibiting at the 2017 annual meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping. We will be at booth 34. (See the floor plan) We will also present 3 conference posters. BrainVis: » A cloud-connected 3D exploration and visualization tool for multi-modal neuroimaging data (Abstract, Poster) Wired Minds: » The neural underpinning of the entrepreneurial brain (Abstract, Poster) Neuroimaging workflow… Read more →

New release: SDK environment for Neuroimaging analysis

Neuroimaging analysis requires a number of software, including Open-Source and Licensed tools such as: Neurodebian, FreeSurfer, ANTS, MRtrix and many more. Scientists must download and install the software and make sure it is working, which are non-core research activities. Additionally, the large storage is necessary as biomedical images can reach terabytes for each project however local computers cannot store that amount.… Read more →

Meet Mint Labs at Brainhack Global 2017

Mint Labs’ CEO/CTO Dr. Paulo Rodrigues and CSO Dr. Vesna Prchkovska were invited to deliver keynote speeches at Brainhack Global 2017’s Spain event. Branhack is a global initiative to bring researchers together on innovative projects in neuroscience. A 3-day workshop will be held with tutorials, hackathons and networking events as part of the Spain event. Paulo and Vesna will give speeches… Read more →

Mint Labs featured on La Vanguardia

BARCELONA – December 20, 2016. Anna Cabanillas interviewed our executive team to find out more about one of the most innovative companies of Barcelona. Our CEO and CSO explained how they came up with the idea of a software to help doctors better understand diseases of the central nervous system such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.   Mrs. Cabanillas emphasized that… Read more →

Mint Labs Selected for the ODINE program

BARCELONA – December 21, 2016. As part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme, every year the Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) selects a number of open data entrepreneurs across Europe to support sustainable digital businesses and the development of their products with its €7.8 million fund.  Mint Labs is very proud to announce that it was selected to… Read more →

CASEIB 2016: Laura Palacio won the best thesis in Spain

Laura Palacio, a former Data Science Intern, gave a talk at CASEIB, an annual congress of the Spanish society for Biomedical Engineering, and won the first prize as the best Bachelor thesis in Spain this year. Her research at Mint Labs was on “Characterizing functional connectivity during rest in multiple sclerosis patients versus healthy volunteers using independent component analysis”. She… Read more →

MINT LABS incorporates software from Oxford University Innovation

BARCELONA – November 29, 2016. The need for advanced analytics of neuroimages augments each day with the increasing prevalence of difficult-to-diagnose neurological disorders. Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for patients and for the development of viable treatments. Mint Labs is excited to announce its license agreement with Oxford University Innovation, the research commercialization company of the University of Oxford… Read more →

Mint Labs won the DemoDisrupt in San Francisco

Vesna Prčkovska, CSO and Co-Founder of Mint Labs, won the competition at DemoDisrupt with her pitch. The event was organized by Catalonia Trade & Investment of Silicon Valley and 128 companies competed. Start-up Catalonia on Twitter   TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 is one of the largest entrepreneurial showcase events for disruptive technology, annually held in San Francisco. 5,000 entrepreneurs from Sillicon… Read more →

TEDxOPorto: Paulo Rodrigues’ talk on Enigmas of the Brain

Paulo Rodrigues, CEO/CTO and co-founder of Mint Labs, gave a talk at TED x Oporto in Portugal. This year’s TEDxOporto focused on ENIGMA that arises people’s various feelings such as curiosity, fear, fascination and admiration. As the brain is a good example of Enigma, Paulo talked about the mystery of the brain and Mint Labs’ unique solution to cope with this Enigma.   The… Read more →