Neuroimaging analysis in 3 simple steps

The Mint Labs platform is a web-based service that interfaces with the research center’s information system providing computational analysis and data management services for imaging informatics. A fundamental aspect of the Mint Labs platform is the ability to provide simplicity of usage and reproducibility of results for a clinical research pipeline.


Step 1 - Data input
mint labs data input
Step 1

Data input

Drag & Drop your images

Start analyzing your brain research data instantly. Sign in to our web-based medical imaging cloud platform. No need to install and maintain any software. Upload your brain scans, in a simple, secure and fast way.

Import and export any 2D/3D image data or time series from multiple modalities. Automatically organize your data and get quality assurance. Upon upload, the platform automatically identifies and organizes the different imaging sequences, simplifying the workload of data management.

Everything is accessible through your browser reducing data distribution delays and enabling customer specific data processing. Monitor subject’s key metrics, from dose levels, to neuroimaging data, all in one place. Manage different projects and longitudinal brain scan data in a simple way.

Step 2


Analysis in the cloud

Analyze your neuroimaging data with a comprehensive set of sophisticated imaging techniques and tools, and visualize the uploaded CT (Computer tomography), PET (Positron emission tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans.

Seamlessly manage large population studies, integrating multi-modal data, and automatically apply standard or advanced processing pipelines to thousands of datasets at once, without worrying about computational or storage resources.

The platform includes advanced neuroimaging processing pipelines:

  • Structural connectomics based on DTI, HARDI or DSI data;
  • Functional connectomics from rs-fMRI;
  • Pre-processing diffusion data including motion and eddy correction;
  • Automatic tissue segmentation and cortical parcellation from atlas;
  • Supports not only human adult data but pediatric as well;
  • Supports for advanced connectomics on animal data (rats and mice);
  • And many others.

Seamlessly manage large patient’s, simple cohort and multi-modal data integration, automatically processed with the appropriate brain image analysis algorithms and launch automated processes with just one click (cortical morphometry studies: cortical regions volumes and thickness, diffusion maps and tractography [fiber tractography, FA maps, …], structural connectomes).


Step 3


Get insight and share

The Mint Labs platform helps you to get the most from the data, accelerating your research.
Optimize your work process and perform analytics on the data to understand your brain mapping data and get results.

Derive and analyze measures from the imaging data on a single or group level.
Integrate, analyze and visualize data from clinical scores, psychometric variables, to genetic analysis, and identify and quantify differences between cohort groups.

Communicate studies’ findings with high-quality visualization tools using advanced intuitive touch-less interaction and integrate 3D annotations, measurements, and muti-modal findings – all in one place.

Share data and results with your colleagues and collaborators, with different access levels and permissions.

Take your research to the next level, with the future of data analytics in the cloud. Simply and securely.

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