Rapid launch timeline

Support moving to the cloud.

Mint Labs is committed to accelerate your R&D processes. We provide expertise in both computational neuroimaging and cloud computing. With a consultancy approach, our team of scientists and engineers can work with you to determine your requirements and provide a tailored data processing and management solution.

* Pipeline implementation will take no more than 3 months, varies depending on the complexity.

Kick-off: 1 day

Mint Labs demos the relevant aspects of the platform and determines the client’s requirements.

Plan: 1 week

Mint Labs drafts the plan, defining the project scope according to client’s specific processing needs.

Implement: 1-2 months

Our team implements the processing pipeline. We work together with client’s technical team to enable end-to-end integration with current systems. We support the integration with: imaging equipment, reference data, analysis pipelines, visualization, and analytics tools.

Validate: 1 month

Test and validate every stage of the pipeline.


We would work together with customer’s team to implement and deploy a production-scale system.