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Mint Labs’ platform allows to get more detailed insight in ever-growing neuroimaging data sets. It provides seamless access to brain imaging data in an easy-to-use, secure, and fast way.

To meet the needs of each project and its specific requirements, the platform provides integrated support for multiple investigators and projects, as well as the ability to add hundreds of collaborators.

With Mint Labs, you can quickly scale to the cloud and increase your capacity to manage your current and future processes and workflows.

Computational scientists, clinical researchers, along with physicians, can mine brain imaging data sets and securely share results.

There is no need to install and maintain any software.

The platform allows fine-grained authentication and access controls. When creating a new project to host and share data, you can select which level of de-identification to enforce as some projects have strict requirements on DICOM anonymization.

When creating a new project, you can also choose a data center’s location (EU, USA, Asia).

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